EFT, also known as tapping is a powerful modality that supports a calmer body, emotional regulation, and an opportunity to be at peace with the thoughts in your head. In a tapping session, you will be guided through a protocol of tapping on specific points on your body.  While tapping you will be guided by a script individually crafted to your specific issue.  Tapping also occurs in silence.   Tapping on the body in this way brings you back to a calm central nervous system where positive shifts & changes occur.

EFT is also known as, “Meridian Tapping,” referring to tapping on the body’s energy meridians, the channels through which the body’s energy flows, to correct imbalances in the body’s energy system.

In a critical review published in the APA, American Psychological Association, researchers found that EFT, “consistently demonstrated positive statistical results that far exceed chance after relatively few treatment sessions.” There are over 150 evidence-based studies supporting the success of EFT improving myriad body, mind, spirit issues.

Let me guide you in experiencing deep relief, beginning in your first session

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