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Danielle Gaffke

Danielle Gaffke


Welcome, so glad you are here.  My hope is to guide you on your journey to your best self, the life you dream of.  Most important is that you find the right coach to guide you.  After 25 years as a Psychotherapist, I did what I encourage my clients to do, follow their heart and take a leap of faith. I am now coaching, bringing with me my suitcase of cutting-edge tools, experience, and tough love. 

My own life personally and professionally has well prepared me.  After graduating from the University of Illinois at Champagne Urbana with a bachelor’s degree in social work I then became a certified Montessori teacher and later earned my maters degree in social work from Florida International University.  I was first licensed in 2003 in Florida. I have worked in a variety of settings from non-profits to hospitals to establishing my own private practice in three different states. My certifications include Montessori education, divorce and family mediation, collaborative divorce, emotional freedom technique and psychedelic assisted therapy.

I am now happily married to the man I say “saved me” but in truth we saved each other, both having navigated leveling divorces.  I am proud to be married to a first responder, a lieutenant firefighter/paramedic.  We have two bully breed dogs, are health and fitness enthusiasts, who love the great outdoors, music, the arts. I remain a lifelong learner and seeker of higher ground. 

The human spirit, the capacity we all have to grow, learn, heal and thrive has been the inspiration that continues to inform my path, personally and professionally.  As a coach I want to help you discover your best self, to LIVE WELL.

Lauren Metz

Lauren Hess-Metz


Welcome, so glad you are here.  My Aunt loves to share a story about me from when I was 11 years old.  I used to accompany her to the nursing home on weekly visits to see my grandfather.  When she was busy caring for my grandfather or talking to the nursing staff, I used to enjoy walking down the halls and talking with the residents.  One day I was “doing my rounds” and ended up wandering into a resident’s room.  I noticed she was sad, so we began talking and I helped her fold her clothes.  My Aunt tried to find me to no avail until the nurses paged me overhead.   I was not happy about being interrupted, and told her “I was helping someone!”  For as long as I can remember I found so much joy in being with and helping others.   As a licensed psychotherapist I want to help you discover your best self, to LIVE WELL.

I earned my bachelor’s in liberal arts with a minor in psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  I then earned my master’s degree in social work from Loyola University. I was first licensed in 2007 in Illinois.  I have worked in a variety of settings from the VA hospital, hospice/palliative, home health, and now private practice.  I am a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist.

Personally, I enjoy reading, crafting, essential oils, and spending time with family and friends. I am proudly married to a US Navy Veteran, who was on active duty over 22 years.  My husband and I are blessed with two beautiful children (a daughter and a son), two Shih Tzus, Minnie, and Daisy, and our therapy dog, Happy, who is a Goldendoodle. They all bring joy, laughter, and much love to our lives.

Animal Assisted Therapy

We are pleased to offer Animal Assisted Therapy (ATT) to our clients. ATT is an evidence-based practice which uses specifically trained animals along with other therapeutic interventions to help people cope.  ATT dates back to the 1900’s when Sigmond Freud noted that clients were more comfortable when a dog was in the room. 

Documented Benefits:

Happy - Therapy Dog

Meet Happy

Hi! My name is Happy, and I am a Goldendoodle.  I am a therapy dog in training and have siblings who are also therapy dogs.  I am here to help you relax and feel safe as you heal.  I love cuddles and belly rubs.  Outside of work I enjoy playing with my sisters, Minnie and Daisy.  I like taking walks, playing fetch, and tug of war to get all my puppy energy out. Please be patient with me as I am still in training.

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